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 Our customer quotes include: "I couldn't be more pleased."  "Terry, I'm completely satisfied."  "She is the best dog..." "Joe has been deemed the smartest puppy in puppy class." "She is a blessing to us!"  "I couldn't have asked for a better dog." "Great personality and temper from day 1...very trainable." "I was treated with honesty, integrity, and respect."

Shipped (flown to New York) pup customer: "I can't thank you enough for all you"ve done for me.  I was a little apprehensive about working with someone I didn't know and couldn't visit, but it was a great experience.  I thank you for all your kindness and thoughtfulness." 


Our puppy class trainer (Professor at the University of Illinois) thought she had never seen as calm of vizslas as the ones I owned.  Ruger sure did calm my granddaughter's fear of dogs!


" I bought a beautiful male vizsla from Terry.  I named him "Sebastian".  Terry was very helpful and gave me excellent advice and materials so I would better understand my vizsla puppy. Many people have commented on what a "handsome" dog he is and what a wonderful temperament he has.  Sebastian is a well-traveled companion and has already traveled to three states."


"About four months ago we purchased our first family pet, a vizsla puppy we named "Copper".  Terry was very helpful, honest, and accommodating to letting us visit multiple times, meeting the dog's parents, answering all of our questions, and also providing plenty of information about our vizsla.

Copper has been a wonderful addition to our family, which includes three children ages two, six, and eight.  Copper is very gentle, has an amazing demeanor, and loves to run and play. 


Countless guests to our home have made comments at what good temperament he has.  Even our veterinarian has made the comment to us that our vizsla is one of the best vizslas they have seen. As he gets older and our weather gets warmer we look forward to seeing more of his point and how he can work in the field!  Great experience working with Terry and we love our vizsla!"

"Last  Thursday we had to say goodbye to Joe.  Our dog was with us for 13 years and 6 months and was of absolute health his entire life.  He was not only the best family pet we have ever had, but the only family dog my children have known.  He meant so much to my family and I wanted to thank you for blessing us with such an amazing companion.  We couldn't be more thrilled with the experiences we had with him.

He was an absolute joy to own and will forever be part of our family." 

"We absolutely love our little Zeeva girl. She has been such an amazing dog from day one! (Honestly) From the first night when we put her in her crate to sleep, she slept through the night and never whined.  I think she maybe had a total of two pee pee accidents in the house and that's all it took for her to get the potty training thing down."

She has learned so many tricks and learned them all so fast too. She knows the standard sit, down, come, stay, speak, shake, and rollover.  I've also taught her high five, hug, focus (getting her eyes on me), and  "Who's your best friend?" Then she will put her arms around her "sister". 

We love or Zeeva.  She's a smart, loving, loyal dog. "

My email is: 


July 14, 2020, Thank you, Terry,  You are a wonderful man.  We are sorry that it did not work out (females skipped their cycle) for us to get a puppy from you.


However, if/when we meet folks looking for a vizsla, we will tell them to contact you first.  We really appreciate the way you do business.  Best Regards, Jim & Mary Ellen (

 Raany, "Why did they tell me not to cross this here line?"

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