More About the Parents

When we got Ruger.  It wasn't very long that we decided that he had the best temperament of all the dogs we ever owned or seen!

The University of Illinois Professor who taught our puppy class had never seen any vizsla at any time with a better disposition than Ruger!

About two years later we got Raany.  Without any special training within a year she settled into a very special relaxed and loving companion.  She is a class act!

  Disposition/ Temperament

Someone once quoted to me these words, "Better Pedigree, Better Pet."

During the spring of 2014 my grand daughter (age 4) had had a negative experience with a dog at her babysitter.  In the summer of the same year she and her sister came to visit us.

No way would she touch, pet, feed, or be near our Ruger.  After less than one day (see the picture) she and her sister (age 2) were inseparable from Ruger (Our Male).  My daugher-in-law knew then who to hire for their babysitter!  Yes, Ruger is a lover who will steal your heart!  


Does Pedigree matter?  In all the cases of our dogs we and our customers feel very blessed with the pets we have.

"He's my dog, no he's my dog he licked me first!"

At age one, "What is better than my blanket and my soft pillow called RUGER?"
  "Alright, alright, I will share with the cat on one condition.  He better not snore day or night!"

The Pups

  Pup on Right, "Come on mom, Get a grip on it!" 

Two Top Factors (yes, there are others also) for a happy, healthy pup are excellent breeding and socialization.

For our breeding see the Pedigree papers. It doesn't get much better!

For socialization, we have a numerous unpaid staff that live in our neighborhood.  " May we play, pet, etc. your dogs?" (especially the pups) comes the question from our wonderful neighborhood children who play their part in the socialization of our pups.

Adults also get into the act of socialization as my wonderful congenial wife will throw puppy parties for her coworkers with the batch of puppies that would presently be available.



We also take time to put the pups on their back (submissive), pet, play with paws, teeth, and ears., etc. The Vet appreciates this!