Rixy, Daughter of Raany! Has South Dakota Connection.

About Rixy - by Mark Rohlfing - More Info - email Mark at mbrohlfing@yahoo.com
Rixy is a good-looking Vizsla!  Always holding her tail high and very uniform in all her physical features.  She is very calm and content sitting in a chair with children; yet she has the drive and energy to run, hunt, and play.  Rixy was born in April of 2018 and will be 2 years old in April, 2020.
She has a good nose and a knack for finding anything you try to hide.  Even with limited formal training she takes well to the commands: "come", "sit", and "stay".  Rixy is an intelligent dog and would make a great mother for your next pup!
 Rixy - orange collar
 Us girls are so soft and cuddly
  "The family is lined up in a row ready for your inspection mom!" - Rixy is the one in the middle.
 Rixy can smile also.