Rixy, Daughter of Raany! Has South Dakota Connection.

About Rixy - by Mark Rohlfing - More Info - email Mark at mbrohlfing@yahoo.com
Rixy is a good-looking Vizsla!  Always holding her tail high and very uniform in all her physical features.  She is very calm and content sitting in a chair with children; yet she has the drive and energy to run, hunt, and play.  Rixy was born in April of 2018 and will be 2 years old in April, 2020.
She has a good nose and a knack for finding anything you try to hide.  Even with limited formal training she takes well to the commands: "come", "sit", and "stay".  Rixy is an intelligent dog and would make a great mother for your next pup!
 Rixy - orange collar
 Us girls are so soft and cuddly
  "The family is lined up in a row ready for your inspection mom!" - Rixy is the one in the middle.
 Rixy can smile also.
  Rixy's first batch at one day old.
  All nine are present and accounted for.
  All four girls at vet on second day.
  All pups at vet on second day.
  All five boys at vet on second day.