Purchasing Process

1.  Initial contact(s) (emails, phone, etc.) are made.
2. The customer decides they want a pup of a certain gender. 

3. The customer and the litter owner agree to a more personal visit (phone or home visit) to ask and answer questions in order to exchange addresses and other important information for the next step to happen in the process.

4. (Deposit) Customer writes and sends a $500 deposit (personal check wrapped in a piece of paper in a mailing envelope) to the litter owner (Terry Rohlfing) who sends the customer a vizsla book to study for better training results and customer success with their pup.

5. Rest of purchase price plus KS Sales Tax (9.6%) is due at time of pick up.
Example:  If the pup purchase price is $2200 (male price).  In state (Kansas) delivery would be $2200 + 9.6% of $2200 ($211) a total of $2411 ($2200 + $211 = $2411). Outside Kansas delivery for a male would be $2200 (pup price only). Delivery cost would be added on.

Other deliveries by the seller will have delivery costs. Example.   KCI Airport -  $50.00 / Belton, MO $20.00.  From Tyndall, SD  to Ottawa, KS -$200.00.  To your home  and back - $.50/ mile charge.

Prices for those on a waiting list will be the current  price at time of deposit.
Customers currently (as of June 24,2022) on the waiting list, their prices are guaranteed till February 2, 2023, but will change to current price after that.

6. Customer anxiously resists the temptation to think how slow time goes by in this waiting game till the time of pick up!

7. Pick-up time is here and I love my companion and my new companion loves me!

8.  At pick-up time receipt, guarantee, a bag of dog food, AKC paperwork, microchip information, etc. are given to the customer. The breeder will provide a harness. The customer should bring a carry kennel, something from which the pup can eat and/ or drink, and a leash.

9. (Customer) "Finally, I own this new companion, or does it own me?"

10. We ask you (at the delivery time) to withdraw your large bill cash a few days ahead of time directly from your bank.  Thank you.

11. COVID - 19  - We ask you to wear a mask.  We also request you let us take your temperature here by touchless means. We care about protecting you and ourselves.  The pups have asked to be exempt from these requests!