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 The Parents 

Girl holding gentle Ruger.

Ruger is so sweet  that he will steal your heart!

Young Ruger in the house looking intelligent.

Ruger - Enough said!  

  Ruger - Father

Ruger's Pedigree - Paternal side father - Five-time NATIONAL  CHAMPION FC - Touchdown Guy - Touchdown Kid - Tommy Boy - Grand Slam Sam - Rebel Rouser ET (HOF Hall of fame) - Rebel Rouser Bandieto (HOF) - Rebel Rouser Duke (HOF) - Haans V. Selle (HOF) - Weedy Creek Dutches (HOF)

Note:  Many consider Touchdown Guy the #1 Vizsla in America today!  He was named Vizsla Dog of the Year in 2015.

Ruger's full sister - Guys Hot N Spicey - "Ginger" was the 2018 VCA National Champion and the runner-up VCA National Amateur champion!

   Raany - Great Mom

Raany on a solid point of a pheasant wing.

Raany points the Way!

Raany has some Touchdown Guy in her, but what I wanted in this female was the NAFC DC NGDC AFC CRIMSON'S TWENTY GAUGE RUGER SH. From what I know of her, I like everything!






When we got Ruger it wasn't very long that we decided that he had the best temperament of all the dogs we ever owned or seen!

The University of Illinois Professor who taught our puppy class had never seen any vizsla at any time with a better disposition than Ruger!

About two years later we got Raany.  Without any special training within a year, she settled into a very special relaxed, and loving companion.  She is a class act!

Someone once quoted to me these words, "Better Pedigree, Better Pet."


During the spring of 2014, my granddaughter (age 4) had a negative experience with a dog at her babysitter.  In the summer of the same year, she and her sister came to visit us.

 Disposition and Temperament 

"He's my dog, no he's my dog he licked me first!"

Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 1.59.54 PM.png

At age one, "What is better than my blanket and my soft pillow called RUGER?"

Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 2.02.32 PM.png

  "All right, all right, I will share with the cat on one condition.  He better not snore day or night!"

 Ruger is asked to Star on a Local Public TV Station 

Ruger (Dad), his puppy daughter, and owner Terry Rohlfing (Central Illinois Vizsla Breeder) were invited to WEIU TV Station in Charleston, Illinois for their "The Paw Report" program for a half-hour interview about the Vizsla breed of dogs. 

The daughter exercised her exploration skills by finding some TV cords to entertain her. 

Terry shared information about the Vizsla Breed. 

The Star of the show (sort of) was Ruger who took his place on the lap of the interviewer most of the time (great pet) and showed off his gentle and loving personality!

To view the half-hour program at TV  Station WEIU (www.  Click on the link below. 

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