Raany's Last litter - Pups from 2019.

"My vet says with his new diet plan that I should loose lots of weight in just one week!  Boy, I've got to see that! I've been hounding him for two months now to do something. I hope he is not barking up the wrong tree." 

 All Pups at One Day

Males at two days old.
 Females at One week old.
 Females at two weeks
  Raany's female pups at three weeks.
   Females at two days old.

  Male pups at One week.

  Males at two weeks.
 Raany's Males at Three weeks old.
  All Raany's pups at three weeks.
 Go ahead and guess.  Have I been naughty or nice?  Aw, you knew all the time, didn't you!
  Raany's females at four weeks.

 Raany's Females at Five Weeks.

 Raany's males at four weeks.

 Raany's Males at Five Weeks.

         Raany's Single Pups at Six Weeks Old with Microchip numbers, sex, and                    photo number on my camera.
 Male, Pink collar, MC # 5842,        Pic # 1081
 Male, Blue collar, MC # 5840           Picture # 1083

 Male, Black collar, MC    # 5838  Pic # 1084

 Female, Red collar, MC # 5830,            Belongs to customer BB.
Female, MC # 5837, Picture number 1086,  Blue collar.

 Female, MC # NA, Pic# 1087 Belongs to customer JL.

 Note from all the pups ---
"If  you were wondering why we didn't smile in any of these pictures-
just guess what tool and how the vet got his stool sample from us! You wouldn't be smiling either!"
Is it possible to impeach the vet?"
 Female, MC # 5832, Orange collar, Pic. # 1088
    Pups at 6.5 weeks old videos.
Pups at seven weeks.
 Last pictures of this litter.