Raany's Present litter - Pups arrived on Saturday Nov. 2, 2019.

"My vet says with his new diet plan that I should loose lots of weight in just one week!  Boy, I've got to see that! I've been hounding him for two months now to do something. I hope he is not barking up the wrong tree." 

 All Pups at One Day

Males at two days old.
 Females at One week old.
 Females at two weeks
   Females at two days old.

  Male pups at One week.

  Males at two weeks.
 Three of five males at four weeks
 Raany's Males at Three weeks old.
  Raany's female pups at three weeks.
  Raany's males at four weeks. "We are staying in the back doghouse where it is air conditioned! We're not coming out for some silly picture and you can't make us!
  Raany's females at four weeks.

 Raany's Males at Five Weeks.

 Raany's Females at Five Weeks.

M#28, Pic 802

M#29, Pic 804

M#45, Pic 811

M#44, P 805

M#47, P 807

Female  microchip # 50, Picture number 810
F Michip # 35, Pic #803
F Michip # 39, Picture # 808
         Raany's Single Pups at Six Weeks Old with Microchip numbers, sex, and                    photo number on my camera.
All pups at seven weeks - Last regular pictures.
6-29-19  Last female pup for sale.
Last female pup for sale (6-29-19)