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Raany's  Litter - Pups from March 14, 2022


    All Pups at One Day Old. Four Girls.

Sharon says we have doubled in size this week, but after vet visit we think we have shrunk.  The vet gave us all a very good report.
"Our eyes have opened but they are so heavy and it is so hard to keep them that way now at two weeks."
        All the girls at about one week Old
  Females at Three Weeks. "Terry thinks we're really cute."
 "What do you mean you want more action like running around, biting, and general dishevel? That comes with week four!"
"Dad, it is so good to meet you.  Mom told us all about you and how good you are to everyone.  Now when do we start our allowance and tomorrow we want to go shopping. Thanks dad, we love you and will see you soon.  
Pups at week 4 First taste of breakfast cereal.  "Not as good as mom makes!" 
"Say, what is this new green stuff on the ground, and who is that new vizsla kid outside the fence? You think that is our new brother? You think he wants to play?"
 "Spring has sprung the grass has riz I wonder where the flowers is?  You think those yellow things are flowers?"
 "Hey sister Sally,  have you seen my dinner bowl?"
   Grandchildren socializing Strawberry, Raspberry, Howler, and Flasher.
                            At 5 weeks and we are motoring all around.
   At six weeks -  Pink collar chip # 1193
 At six weeks - Green collar chip # 1178
 At six weeks - Blue collar chip # 1197
 At six weeks - Red collar chip # 1176
At six weeks they  move faster than I do even after shot, wormer, and MC Chp
 Almost seven weeks and all are very active!
  Sharon surrounded by pups.  Ever try walking through a foot of snow?
                                    Pups at eight weeks.
  Last video -  " We can't wait to meet our new owners!
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