Raany's Present Litter - Pups from  Oct. 26, 2020

 Ranny:  "Want to know how to lose 10 lbs. overnight? Just send $$$ ... etc.."

    All Pups (four boys and two girls) at One Day

        All Pups at One week Old
  Males at one week old.
      Boys at two Weeks.
  All Pups at Two Weeks
  Females at Three Weeks
  Females at One week old.
   Girls at Two Weeks.
  First Worming  "I think worms taste better than the wormer!"
  Males at Three Weeks
  All Pups at Three Weeks
  Boys at Four Weeks.
  Girls at Four Weeks.
  "This one is mine!  Now how do I tell      mom about our new family member?
      All Pups at Four Weeks.
  "Don't tell mom that our baby cereal     came from Walmart! She'll want     some too.