Puppy News, Health Guarantees

Why us?  Because our customers say so!  We have bred Vizslas

since 1996.  Come as a customer, and leave as a friend.  Your

satisfaction is important to us.

Our AKC Vizsla pups are guaranteed healthy on delivery, (general health, things that are visible) and guaranteed against congenital (inside) defects for three years. 

We follow up with you after the sale.  Customers may call any time for suggestions and information that would equip them on most topics.  We are here to aid, educate, and equip you for success with your new companion.

Customers have been very satisfied with their pups and their breeder

(Terry Rohlfing).   Disposition!   Disposition!   Disposition!

"I am no longer afraid of dogs because of Ruger."

Health Guarantee

  "I'm looking for my new family!"

1.  Short Term (Two weeks)  This is mostly visual by your Vet.  Please do this within a week or two of getting pet if possible.


2.  Long Term (Three Years) Your Vet will look for congenital (from birth) (things inside) concerns like hip dysplasia, etc..