Puppies Make News

One third of the Spring 2017 litter was purchased as Service/Therapy Dogs!

Our Spring batch of pups of 2017 had two of the six pups taken for specific training as future Service and Therapy dogs.

We had not advertised them this way but it just happened.  Both pups are doing well in their training (Oct. 2017).

    Hunting Success

Four month old pup finds deer that was previously shot the day before.  These people felt that without their pup this deer would never have been located.

   Braving tall grass this three month old pup used his new gun dog skills for this successful hunt !

Ruger is asked to Star on Local Public TV Station

Ruger (Dad), his puppy daughter, and owner Terry Rohlfing (Central Illinois Vizsla Breeder) were invited to WEIU TV Station in Charleston, Illinois for their "The Paw Report" program for a half hour interview about the Vizsla breed of dogs. 

The daughter exercised her exploration skills by finding some TV cords to entertain her. 


Terry  shared information about the Vizsla Breed. 


The Star of the show (sort of) was Ruger who took his place on the lap of the interviewer most of the time (great pet) and showed off his gentle and loving personality!

To view the half hour program at TV  Station WEIU (www. weiu.net)  Click on the link below.

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   Link to Paw Report: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdXN3pSqEBg